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The Holistic Kitchen

Gluten Free Plant Based Cooking Classes

Helping you change the way you cook

With my personal interest in nutrition, health and wellness I am constantly expanding my knowledge in holistic nutrition and cooking using organic ancient whole foods free from gluten, refined sugar and mostly plant-based.

  I have recently completed; Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training, Certificate in Nutrition, Psychology, Behaviour Change & Wellbeing Management Certificate, David Wolfe Raw Nutrition Certificate, 90 Days Body Mind Renewal Online, Gerson Therapy Basics Online, Ayurveda Lifestyle Course.  Due to my continuing education and lack of time I have put on hold my group workshops. However,  I share my passion for holistic cooking via my Instagram page @yourlifediary as well as through my Facebook Page.

I have been living a toxic-free lifestyle for a few years now and have experienced first-hand the positive impact of the lifestyle on me and my family. However, I also realize how difficult, confusing and costly it can be to change your life. The change often comes with learning about a whole new set of home products, cooking ingredients, nutritional supplements, and recipes. Changing your lifestyle on your own can be challenging and time-consuming, which is why I want to help you on this journey. 

 In the cooking workshops, you will learn about gluten-free, organic whole food cooking and diets, as well as getting a chance to cook real meals with the organic ingredients to show you that a healthy diet is by no means a limited one.

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The Holistic Kitchen

One day interactive workshop and cooking class.

You will learn about:

  • How to create a wholefood pantry
  • Benefits of eating whole real food (non-diet approach)
  • Micro and Macro nutrients
  • Superfoods and Superherbs
  • Cooking class (FREE from Gluten)

You will receive:

  • Product and ingredient recommendations
  • Morning tea and lunch included

I have worked with Alenka for many years and found that she is very passionate about health and well being. She has made me re think about food and the benefits of analysing my diet that has assisted me to find a healthier way of living, to lose weight and my energy has improved. (Chrissie)

Meeting Alenka 4 years ago really changed my life, in different ways. She inspired me to think about my lifestyle and step by step, I changed little things. Today, I can say that I live much healthier than before. I still have a long way to go, but Alenka was my biggest inspiration. (Barbara, Belgium)

I know Alenka for a few years now. She is really committed to helping others to live healthier and better lives. Constant conversations with Alenka helped me to improve the way I eat and look after my skin. I was able to slowly switch to semi-raw and Paleo eating and have noticed improvements on my skin very soon, less pimples for sure. (Justine, Philippines)

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