Detox, Nourish, Balance

About Your Life Diary

About Your Life Diary

What is Your Life Diary?

Anyone can blog about anything, that’s true, but when I started Your Life Diary YLD, I did it for one specific purpose: to share the lifestyle I live. Why – to inspire others to live better, achieve better health, keep the environment clean and basically to live a life that’s happy, balanced and toxin-free.

This blog will talk about a wide number of things, but they always center around these three important words: detox, nourish, balance. 

To find out more about my personal life diary click here. 

About YLD
A Family Matter
Why “Your Life Diary”
Meaning of the Logo
About YLD

This blog talks about a wide number of things, but they always center around these three important words: detox, nourish, balance.

Most posts are my personal opinion (backed by research and a whole lot of reading, of course) on different things related to healthy toxic free lifestyle. Food, chemicals around us, illnesses, supplements, exercises, and the like. I also like talking about personal experiences that are connected to wellness and health, including my own struggles with an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto, which I decided to heal myself of naturally.

I also delve into unhealthy and toxic habits and lifestyles – and how to deal with them.

Next up is nourishment. I am a strong believer in the phrase ‘we are what we digest’, so YLD contains a lot of information on FOOD. I’ll share findings on diets and nutrients and a whole range of healthy clean eating and recipes free from refined sugar and gluten, and mostly plant-based.

I was vegetarian for many years (9 years all up)and I stayed away from meat and animal products, without putting much thought on what I ate. I believe I was an unhealthy vegetarian who ate too many starches, carbohydrates, bread, sugar, cakes and other grains containing gluten, and not enough of green leafy vegetable or other nutrients. That’s something I want other people to avoid, making wrong food choices because of lack of information.

Today, I eat organic, wholefood FREE from gluten and refined sugar that I prepare and cook myself from scratch. I also eat over 60% organic raw food, and superfoods. Before I always thought that raw food was boring, but with a lot of research and planning, I raw food prep as an outlet for my creativity. I am constantly on the lookout for ways where I can improve my knowledge and skills in raw foodism and plant-based cooking.

I do not want to label myself with any diet, and I always listen to my body. Food truly is our best medicine.

I am also a firm believer in keeping balance in life. Whether it’s balance in work, rest, and fun, the things I eat or balance in raising a family and having a full business and career. I regularly practice yoga, pilates, and other stress releasing activities and I love hiking and riding my bicycle.

I am currently doing a whole food plant-based chef training so stay tuned on that one. 

A Family Matter

I have been beyond lucky to have my daughter, Tia at my side in my 400309_2483219567248_558386294_nhealth journey. While I have a feeling for creating dishes and flavours I often find it hard to commit to exact recipes and ingredients. That is where my daughter comes in, being more precise and accurate in her measurements she often helps me perfect my recipes. I have found that together we can achieve much more in the kitchen, as well as have more fun doing it.

As well as helping me cook and create the recipes, she also helps me in transcribing the recipes and works with me behind the scenes to maintain and perfect the website. Having been a vegetarian for the past seven years, she shares my passion in plant based cuisine and is always rushing to find new and creative ways to prepare vegetables and decrease her reliance on carbohydrates.

While she spends many weekends and holidays helping me in the kitchen and on the blog, she is also a full-time student studying the Bachelor of Engineering at the University Of Queensland in Brisbane.

Why “Your Life Diary”

From time to time, I’d ask myself – why the name Your Life Diary anyway. It could have been anything else, like My Life Diary. Or Alenka’s Life Diary or something like that.

A little background: One day the phrase Your Life Diary came across to my mind. It was around the time when I was going through a radical change in my life, and I was planning on writing about these changes, among other things that I deemed were worth sharing.

And then the idea came up: what if this personal diary could actually help others. True enough, helping others was always my strength and even before blogging, people would already come to me for advice. So I thought why not use this blog to spread awareness and help others via my public blog diary.

Even as I pour out my personal opinions, sentiments, advice and experience, this blog really isn’t just for me. It’s for you, dear reader, and anyone else who would deem my content useful. This isn’t just My Life Diary, but it’s yours, too!

Meaning of the Logo

When designing the blog, I wanted to make it something meaningful, not just have the text in a nice font and colour.

The first part of the logo is the circle, a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement.

The inner hand drawn circle has elements of Zen circle which symbolizes the enlightenment, strength, elegance, the Universe. It expresses a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. The inner elements/symbol also represents a balance between night and day. It can also show a happy person with hands up.

Because this is Your Life Diary, the logo can mean anything to you. It depends how you see the symbol. Each person will see it differently and feel free to interpret it the way that you want..

To me it represents cyclic happy movement, life balance, the universe, individuality and free mind.

Am I the perfect source for all of these things? Well, not really – but I try. My lifestyle is a work in progress. I constantly read, keep myself informed, join classes and practice all these healthy habits, while at the same time sharing it with everyone.



As author of this blog, my posts are personal opinions based on my own experiences, beliefs and extensive research on the topics I cover. However, I am not a medical professional, so information in this blog is not intended to be used as medical advice or treatment, in any way for health conditions and illnesses. I also do not claim responsibility for any products or services mentioned in this blog.

I created this blog with the purpose of motivating and inspiring people to make healthy choices in life, but always consult your health care provider before making modifications on your diet, exercise or medication.

Meeting Alenka 4 years ago really changed my life, in different ways. She inspired me to think about my lifestyle and step by step, I changed little things. Today, I can say that I live much healthier than before. I still have a long way to go, but Alenka was my biggest inspiration. (Barbara, Belgium)

I have worked with Alenka for many years and found that she is very passionate about health and well being. She has made me re think about food and the benefits of analysing my diet that has assisted me to find a healthier way of living, to lose weight and my energy has improved. (Chrissie, Australia).

I know Alenka for a few years now. She is really committed to helping others to live healthier and better lives. Constant conversations with Alenka helped me to improve the way I eat and look after my skin. I was able to slowly switch to semi-raw and Paleo eating and have noticed improvements on my skin very soon, less pimples for sure. (Justine, Philippines)

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