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Handpicked videos on health and wellbeing

In this portion of Holistic TV, I will be sharing interesting hand-picked videos and clips on a wide range of things. I am constantly on the lookout for videos on health, fitness, sustainability, clean eating, science and other things that pretty much sum up what I believe. I hope these videos will help you in anything you do – whether it be balancing your life, improving the way you eat, helping you live a clean and toxin-free life, amping up your health or simply just fueling your interest when you have nothing to do.

What Does The Pancreas Do?

Leaky Gut & Gluten

How Sugar Affects The Brains

Cancer Genes We All Have

Why Our Brains Love Sugar

How The Heart Pumps Blood

Insulin Glucose And You

Honeybees And Hexagons

The Science Of Sweetness

Sugar Addiction

Why You Don't Need Milk

The Placebo Effect is Real!

Antibiotics Are Overused!

What is Alzheimer's disease?

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