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Tamanu Oil and Its Benefits

Hello again everyone!

Well, we’re still into the heat of summer here on the Gold Coast and I hope that you are all managing to stay cool and making sure to wear your sunscreen and hats!

To follow up on our previous skin oil post, today’s short blog is going to talk about an oil some of you may not have heard of.

The oil is made from the nut of the Tamanu tree and mostly grows in the South Pacific, especially Vanuatu. Women of Vanuatu have been known to use this in their hair to protect it and prevent sun damage. Like coconut oil, it is also a great moisturizing agent. Make sure to cleanse the skin first then apply only a few drops for beautiful, glowing skin.

But the true magic of this oil comes from its healing properties and ability to promote new tissue growth. It is also an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. This is why the Tamanu oil is perfect for problems such as acne scars, cold sores, bug bits, burns, skin abrasions, wounds and sunburn. It can even be used for odour control on your feet and underarms.

And when winter comes around, keep Tamanu oil on hand to relieve your sore throat (by swallowing a few drops) or for sinus relief by inhaling.

It really is a magical product that no woman should be without.

* Please note, as the oil is derived from a nut, if you have any nut allergies, please avoid using or consult your doctor first.

Let us know your experience with it in a comment.

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