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I thought I had always lived a healthy life, but my body simply wasn't responding in a healthy way. I wanted to get to the roots of the health question, so I dove into the books. And out I came with a whole new way of thinking about my health. I want to share with you the books, sources and products that have inspired me and improved my health. Enjoy!

I had used nutritional supplements for years, but when I started reading into it I found that the brands I used simply weren't ranking with the world's best.  Although I'm a firm believer in getting all that you can from your food, superfoods and superherbs (organic where possible), the food we eat now simply doesn't provide enough nutrients our body needs to be it's best. And because I want a healthier body I am always researching for the highest quality supplements, super herbs and super foods on offer. 

When searching for the best nutritional supplements on offer I came across to Xtend-Life Natural Products from New Zealand. I did a lot of research on them and found them amongst the top supplements in the world.

I like the fact they are an online business, have plenty of information available on their website, provide an excellent customer service, ordering is hassle free and they ship worldwide. In fact they also offer a FREE shipping for all orders over $60.  Plus you get a special memeber prices when you create an account, no memership fees of course. How convenient is that!?

I am currently taking their Total Balance Unisex Premium (This formula has everything you need! No need to take several different supplements and spend hundreds of dollars for the supplements that simply do not work. ), Kiwi Klenz, Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil Premium Neuro Natural RecallNeuro Natural Sleep and ZupaFood Greensmy favourite green drink I have ever tried! All Zupafood products come in a convenient packaging, great when you are 'on the go'. 

Learn more about the supplements I am taking and feel free to explore Xtend-Life Natural Products website for more information. 

Neuro Natural Sleep

Promotes healthy, restful sleep. Encourages healthy night time brain activity. Supports immune health and overall sense of well-being.


Multi Xtra

Advanced natural multi-nutrient supplement with 48 bio-available nutrients for targeted cell fuel. Economical formula for the entire family.


Zupafood Green

Get that natural energy 'buzz' from Green Tea. Spirulina and Chlorella immune support and waste elimination. Aquamin ™ delivers bio-available calcium​.


Zupafood Skin

With marine collagen and elastin polypeptides from France. Increased efficacy with Glutathione, Grape Skin Extract and Vitamin C.


Much of what I know about food and nutrition has come from books, but I would often find myself wanting a more coprehensive education. So I turned to online courses to expand my knowledge about food and nutrition and learn more about my own body. I am currently doing few courses offered by the BodyMind Institute which I can recommend to you too.

Nutrition Certification

Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert ~ David is the rock star of the superfoods and longevity world, is trusted by America’s TOP CEOs, Global Ambassadors, Hollywood celebrities, busy professionals and so on...


BodyMind Nutrition 101

What are the keys that unlock your renewal biology for magnificent outcomes? 

BodyMind Nutrition 101 is designed to simply elevate your real life, your real goals, and your real body.


BodyMind Nutrition

BodyMind Nutrition 101 is the prerequisite for this course. 

Being a nutritionist goes beyond the chemical, biological nature of food … it goes into the very heart of how we interact with our clients.


Making Chocolate At Home

Activate Your Life With Raw Cacao! 

28 FUN Video Chocolate Lessons with David Wolfe. Fun and Simple Step-By-Step Guidance, Complete Recipe and Ingredients Lists and more ...


The 90 Day BodyMind Renewal

Elegant, simple nutrient principles that will help you get rid of counting calories, shed the boundaries of portion control, and guide you to experience of freedom to live life without limitation.


Fermentation For Life

Learn the exciting skill of making yogurt and dairy alternatives! The many realms of fermentation, including dairy fermentation, are still quite mythical and obscure to most North Americans.


Cleansing Intensive

Discover the path to holistic internal cleansing practices, to improve your physical, emotional, mental, and personal/spiritual wellbeing.

Do You Like To Help?


Emotional Detox Coaching

What would it feel like to have a whole set of keys that could unlock any emotional block for yourself or your clients? 

What goals would you and your clients achieve?


After being diagnosed with Hashimoto (Hypothyroidism), my food journey began with the Paleo diet. But I felt that many of the Paleo recipes involved too much meat and listening to my body for the first time in years, I looked further. I read many raw food books, vegetarian and vegan books, and in the mix of different diets, I found what worked for me. I now eat predominantly plant-based whole food and exploring further plant-based eating through my studying.

After a lifetime working with and using harsh produts I found my hands costantly drying up and my skin was always irritated by some toxic make-up product. So I startet reading up on my health, how to improve it and what to avoid. Below are some of the books that led me to a healthier and more aware life. 

Years ago in Slovenia to gather confidance for my move to Australia I started reading my way through the motivational canon. I read them all, Louise Hay, Susan Jeffers, Anthony Robbins, Richard Branson, Zig Ziglar and of course the Robert Kiyosaki classic ‘Rich dad, poor dad’, and here they are.